Associates of supporting societies and employees, teachers and students of partner institutions, have a 20% discount on registration.

(Regular Associates)
ABRAMEDE – Associação Brasileira de Medicina de Emergência
ACESP - Associação de Coloproctologia do Estado de São Paulo
APM – Associação Paulista de Medicina
ASBRAN – Associação Brasileira de Nutrição
CBCD – Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgia Digestiva
CBC/SP – Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgiões – Cap. São Paulo
COBRALT - Comitê Brasileiro das Ligas do Trauma
FBG – Federação Brasileira de Gastroenterologia
IFA - International Fluid Academy
SBAIT - Sociedade Brasileira de Atendimento Integrado ao Traumatizado
SBCBM – Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Bariátrica e Metabólica
SBCP – Sociedade Brasileira de Coloproctologia
SGSP - Sociedade de Gastroenterologia de São Paulo
SMCC - Sociedade de Medicina e Cirurgia de Campinas
SOBED – Sociedade Brasileira de Endoscopia Digestiva
SOBRACIL/SP – Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Minimamente Invasiva e Robótica – Cap. São Paulo
SPSP – Sociedade de Pediatria de São Paulo
WSACS – World Society of Abdominal Compartment Syndrome
WSES – World Society of Emergency Surgery
(Employees / Professors / Students)
PUC Campinas
HM Dr. Mario Gatti Campinas
Centro Universitário Padre Anchieta
Hospital Centro Médico de Campinas
Hosp. Estadual de Sumaré – HES/UNICAMP
HM José Carvalho Florence – SJ Campos
HM Mario Gatti Campinas
FM Botucatu – UNESP
FM Bragança Paulista – USF
FM Catanduva – FAMECA
FM Jundiaí
FM Sorocaba – PUC/SP
FM São José do Rio Preto – FAMERP
FM São Leopoldo Mandic – SLM
FM Universidade de Marília – UNIMAR
FM USP Ribeirão Preto
PUC Campinas
UNIFEOEB - Centro Universitário Fundação de Ensino
Octávio Bastos
UNIP Universidade Paulista – Campinas




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The online registration form will be available until 05/26/2019. Registration fees must be paid through the online system (paypal) to this date. After this deadline, payment must be made only at the Secretariat on the event venue. (international credit card OR money - Brazilian Real).

The participant is the only responsible for completing the data on registration form. The Organization will not be responsible for incorrect data on the registration forms.

Registrations will be accepted only in one category. Only one entry per Passport Number is allowed.

Registration will only be effective after confirmation of payment. Processing after payment can take up to 3 business days.

To follow the status of your registration enter the PARTICIPANT’S AREA (with your registered email or CPF and password). In this area, you can issue receipts, submit abstracts, enrol in courses, view messages from the organization and print certificates, among other facilities.

Payment of the registration fee will entitle you to:

  1. participation in the event in the chosen category (Medicine, Paediatrics, Nursing, Nutrition or others);
  2. access the exhibition area;
  3. folder and badge (according to the chosen category);
  4. certificate (according to the chosen category).

Note: Snacks and lunch are NOT included in the registration.

Participants may be asked  to provide proof of payment (or receipt) at the reception desk to withdraw of their material.



Registration with a discount must upload supporting documents. To upload your documents, access the PARTICIPANT'S AREA on the home page (access with your email or CPF and password) and select the type of document (Proof of Category and / or Proof of affiliation to Partner Institution or both).

The following documents will be accepted:

  • statement dated and signed by the educational institution or work OR
  • copy of a payment receipt of an educational institution OR
  • copy of holerith / payment check of a partner institution OR
  • copy of student ID or functional identification (front and back).

In the absence of these documents, the participation certificate will not be available until the regularization of the pending procedures (presentation of the document or adjustment of the registration fee).

The bond may be confirmed directly with the partner institution. The condition of “paying member” will be confirmed by the respective society indicated by the enrollee.



You can verify the courses that you intend to participate during the registration process or any time (subject to availability) through the PARTICIPANT'S AREA.

Courses demand specific enrolment and additional payment.

The registrations for Courses are independent of the registration in the event and must comply with the specific instructions of each one of them.



It is possible to substitute subscribers up to fifteen days prior to the event, provided there is written authorization from the one who had registered before (by email:

It is possible to cancel the registration if requested in writing using the form below, exclusively by the participant himself under the following conditions:

Download Refund Request Form click here




Payment in Duplicity1

Until 05/24/2019

100% of the amount paid

Health Reason 2

Until 05/24/2019

75% of the amount paid

No justification 3

Until 04/29/2019

50% of the amount paid

  1. Payment in duplicity: send refund request form + copies of proof of payment duplicity.
  2. Health Reason: send refund request form + copy of proof of payment + copy of medical certificate;
  3. No justification: send refund request form + copy of proof of payment.

* refund only in local currency and through a national bank.

 Note: Participants who have already paid the registration fee  and subsequently receive some kind of courtesy (for any reason) will apply the "no justification" refund rule (refund of only 50% of the amount already paid).

In case of cancellation or refund (for any reason), your registration will not be excluded from the system, therefore it will not be possible to re-enroll.



In the Registration Form, there are appropriate fields to indicate the data for issuing the receipt. Once issued, there will be no possibility of changing the fields or issuing a new receipt.

Due to fiscal and legal issues, the receipt will describe the purpose of the payment and its respective value and will be automatically issued by the registration system of the event. There will not be a manual receipt issued under any circumstances



The certificates of participation in the Event and in the Courses will be issued electronically fourteen days after the end of the Event, only for participants who have proved their presence in the event.

Registration with discount that do not have the supporting documents will have the certificate retained until the regularization of the pending situation (presentation of the document or adequacy of the registration fee).

The certificates will be issued according to the chosen category in the Registration Form.

The issue of online certificates will be available for up to six (06) months after the end of the event. After this period the certificates can no longer be printed.