CAMPINAS 2019 will be held in the city of Campinas/SP, from May 30th to June 01st. It is one of the biggest medical events of the interior of the country. Several medical entities decided to promote their respective events all together in just one huge event. 

This multi-event will be constituted by:

  • INTERGASTRO & TRAUMA 2019 – Interdisciplinary Updating Program for Digestive System and Trauma (IG&T),

This unprecedented union of forces will transform CAMPINAS 2019 into an event capable of bringing together an extremely diverse audience of professionals from all over the country and abroad, making this a unique opportunity for scientific and professional updating and networking 

WSACS – The Abdominal Compartment Society – headdquarter is in Belgium and it was founded in 2004 to promote researches, education and improve people life with abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS)

The last edition of WCACS was held in Banff, Canada, in June 2017

The World Congress f WSACS will bring, for CAMPINAS 2019, a large number of international speakers (more than 40 foreigners are confirmed) who will be responsible for theoretical and practical courses of international standard, and some of them totally new in Brasil.

In addition, WSACS will bring its sister-society, the International Fluid Academy (IFA) which will host the 8th International Fluid Academy Day, in Campinas.

Both entities will also promote the 1st World Symposium on Damage Control Resuscitation, with participation of military specialist doctors from Canada, England, United States and Latin America.

All this will result in discussions of excellence on: complex abdomen, abdominal compartment syndrome, entero-atmospheric fistulas, abdominal sepsis, emergency surgery, critical patient management, fluids management, intensive support tactics, attracting clinical doctors and surgeons as well as intensive care physicians, emergency doctors and anesthesiologists to the event.

Visit www.wsacs.org for more information

INTERGASTRO & TRAUMA (IG&T) started in 2008 and is now in its ninth edition, always with high quality and great interest among the professionals.

IG&T is a multidisciplinary updating program that aims to present and discuss in a very practical and objective manner the problems and solutions that involve the treatment of pathologies of the digestive system and trauma

The main object of the event is the INTERDISCIPLINARITY, as traditionally gathers medical, nursing and nutrition professionals in several specialties.

Another outstanding feature is its extensive network of PARTNERSHIPS with 18 institutions of higher education in the interior of São Paulo State offering advantages to students and teachers of these institutions.

In its latest edition (2017) it gathered more than 1.200 participants from 198 different cities, bringing 41 international guests together with two other major events
(World Society of Emergency Surgery Congress and the Brazilian Congress of Trauma Leagues)

At CAMPINAS 2019, one of the highlights will be the Mini Symposium of ACESP (Association of Coloproctology of the State of São Paulo) in its programme.

IG&T is promoted together with:

Currently, in its thirteenth edition, SOBED International Symposium is the second largest annual event promoted by the Brazilian Society of Digestive Endoscopy SOBED) – the largest is the SBAD (Brazilian Week of the Digestive System)

SOBED is a national entity and is represented in the whole country through its 24 stated units in the five regions of the country.

Currently, SOBED has more than 2.000 members and it is responsible for promoting the development of teaching, research and practice of the digestive endoscopy.

In 2018, the XII International Symposium was held in João Pessoa/PB and had around 1.050 participants.

During CAMPINAS 2019, SOBED spared no energy to offer a wide range of attractions. For the first time, the Symposium will be focused on a single central theme: the diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the digestive tract.

The participants will have the opportunity to update his knowledge in one of the offered courses of capacity which will be:

  • HANDS ON Courses, with several modules (basic therapy, CPRE, sutures, among others;
  • SAVED Course (Advanced Life Support in Digestive Endoscopy);
  • ‘Test Your knowledge’ Course, traditionally sought for scientific review

CAMPINAS 2019 will also host the qualification proof for the Specialist Title in Digestive Endoscopy.

The Congress is promoted by the São Paulo Chapter of the Brazilian Society of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery (SOBRACIL-SP) which brings together surgeons of different specialties who perform surgeries through video-laparoscopic and robotic techniques. It was founded on September 22, 1995. 

Among the objectives of SOBRACIL are: to promote the development of video-surgery, to establish rules for training for the method, to coordinate the national scientific activity related to the method and to promote and organize congresses (……) as well as other updating activities, among others.

In 2013, SOBRACIL-SP CONGRESS was held in São Paulo/SP and gathered about 800 participants.  In 2015, it was held together with the SOBRACIL Southeast Congress, in Angra dos Reis/RJ and gathered around 700 participants.

SOBRACIL-SP will bring to CAMPINAS 2019 high quality scientific uptading in video-surgery and robotic surgery in several modalities: laparoscopic surgeries of the pancreas, liver and biliary tract; laparoscopic hernias, resections of neoplasias by  video-surgery, bariatric surgery and robotic surgery

It also intends to offer one HANDS ON Video-surgery Course, to empower even more the surgeons and residents.

The main highlight will be the various surgeries which will be transmitted LIVE to the audience throughout the program, from hospitals of the Campinas region.

The PARTNERSHIPS are traditionally made through INTERGASTRO & TRAUMA with higher education institutions in order to provide advantages (such as: discounts) for all professionals connected to these institutions.

The SUPPORTS are conquered together with the Specialty Societies and related institutions, also guaranteeing discounts for its members.

In both cases it is necessary to send the proof of payment or membership along with the registration. Without these documents, the certificate of participation will not be released by the system until the regularization of the pending (presentation of the documents or adequacy of the registration fee)

Click here to know partner and the support institutions of the event  

The target audience of CAMPINAS 2019 covers several professionals and its various specialties, subspecialties and areas of activity.






Clinical Doctors







Medicine Academics

Digestive Endoscopy

Surgery of Digestive Tract

Trauma Surgery

General Surgery

Pediatric Surgery



Clinical Hepatology


Intensive Care Medicine

Emergency Medicine



Pediatric Intensive Medicine

Interventional Radiology





Nursing Academics



Stomatherapy and Ostomies


Material Sterilization Center

Surgical and General Clinic

Intensive Therapy

Urgency and


Child and Adolescent Health



Nutrition Academics

Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

Nutrition for Adults

Nutrition in Pediatrics


Specific Illnesses

Sports nutrition





Surgical Technologists


Speech-Language Pathologists

A programação científica do CAMPINAS 2019 será submetida para avaliação pela Comissão Nacional de Acreditação (CNA) para somar pontos válidos para renovação de Títulos de Especialista e Áreas de Atuação.

Tão logo o processo de avaliação da CNA seja concluído, a pontuação conquistada será divulgada pelos canais de comunicação do Evento.


The event will be held in the newly opened ROYAL PALM HALL, a large and very modern Convention Center that already stands out among the best in the country.

The ROYAL PALM HALL is located in the Rua Monsenhor Luís Fernandes de Abreu, 311 – Jardim Nova Califórnia – Campinas/SP – CEP: 13053-035 – Phone: (19) 2117-8000. Website: http://royalpalm.com.br/hall

It is near the main entrance of Campinas, at the intersection of Anhanguera highway with Santos Dumont highway. Also, with easy access by the Bandeirantes and Dom Pedro I highways.

Besides being close to the main Brazilian highways, ROYAL PALM HALL is 16 km from the Viracopos International Airport, and only 90 km from the city of São Paulo and easily interconnected to the entire interior of São Paulo State. 

Click here to access the local map 

The structure also has four hotels integrated to the Convention Center (1.036 rooms), offering economic, midscale and luxury accommodation options for participants, as well as a wide choice of food (bars and restaurants) from buffets to gourmet restaurants.

Snacks and luncheons are not included in the registration. Exhibiting companies will be able to offer food and drinks in their booths.

There is a snack bar and an economic restaurant at the venue of the event (lower floor of the Convention Center) where participants can buy tickets.

There is also a wide choice of bars and restaurants in the hotels close to Royal Palm Hall ranging from buffets to gourmet restaurants.

For more details visit www.royalpalm.com.br

In the ACCOMODATION menu, the participants can choose from the various available hotels with special daily rates, all belonging to the ROYAL PALM chain

The Hotel Contemporâneo (three stars) and The Royal Palm Plaza Resort (5 stars) are near the venue of the event. The Royal Palm Tower Carlos Gomes and the Royal Palm Residence (both 4 stars) are located in the center of Campinas. There will be one-daily shuttle service (to/from the event) from those hotels.

Participants, make your hotel reservations as soon as possible to guarantee yours.

Click here to access the accommodation options

The ROYAL PALM HALL has a large outsourced parking, with self-parking and valet options. The participants must pay and validate their tickets in totems at the venue before leaving with their vehicles.


Please, go to the REGISTRATION option in the menu and check the costs compatible with your professional area.

Attention: after the deadlines shown in the schedule of costs, the system will automatically update the value of your registration and the payment will be issued with the new value.

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To register, click the REGISTER button in the REGISTRATION menu and choose the NEW REGISTRATION option in the next screen

Select carefully the category you want (registrations in a single category will be accepted only) and fill in your personal data in the form. If you have a connection with any of the partners or supporting entities, just select among the options and the discount will be applied automatically (it is necessary to send a valid proof of connection)

In the sequence you can choose one of the complementary available courses in the programming.  If you are a Brazilian doctor or resident, you can choose to register your participation at the National Accreditation Commission by clicking on the box below

Finally, you must select the payment form and the system will go automatically to the payment screen according to the chosen option.
BRAZILIANS: credit card or bank slip
FOREIGNERS: Paypal only

You will receive an automatic message of registration receipt and the system will send you the registration confirmation after the payment.

Click here to access the registration area

Foreigners can make the payment through Paypal (exclusive for foreigners)

Due to fiscal and legal issues, the receipt will have the purpose of the payment and its respective value printed and will be issued automatically by the registration system of the event. Handwriting receipts will not be issued.

In the Registration Form there are appropriate fields to indicate the data for issuing the receipts. Once issued, there will be no possibility of changing the data or issuing a different receipt.

The registration includes:

  1. Participation in the event;
  2. Access to the Exhibition Area;
  3. Bag and badge (according to the chosen category);
  4. Certificate (according to the chosen category).

Note: snacks and luncheons are not included in the registration

You can select the courses you want to participate, during the registration process or in any moment (according to availability) through the PARTICIPANT’S AREA.

The courses require specific registration and additional payment.

The registrations in Courses are independent of the event registration and must obey the particular instructions of each of them.

Click here for more details about Courses

The registration in Courses can be done through the PARTICIPANT’S AREA, even after completing the registration form at any time. Just log in with your email and the registered password and choose the Course you want to enrol

Click here to access the PARTICIPANT’S AREA

You may need to make a new payment to confirm your enrollment in the Course.

The registration will be concluded after the confirmation of the payment, only. The processing after the payment can take up to 5 business days depending on the chosen payment method.

An automatic message generated by the system will be forwarded to your registered email at the time of confirmation. To follow the status of your enrolment please visit the PARTICIPANT’S AREA. At this area it is possible to issue a receipt, view messages from the organization, print certificates after the event among other facilities.

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To submit your proof of membership, go to the PARTICIPANT'S AREA on the home page, select the type of document you want ("Category proof" or "Proof of Membership with Partner/Support Entity" or both) and upload the document.

Click here to access the PARTICIPANT’S AREA

The documents accepted as proof are:

  • Dated (1st semester 2019) and signed Declaration by the Education or Work Institution, or
  • Copy of the monthly proof of payment of the Education Institution settled (1st semester 2019), or
  • Copy of the paycheck from partner institution, or
  • Copy of the student ID or functional identification (front and back).

The membership status can be confirmed directly with the institution. The condition of "associated" will be confirmed in the respective Society indicated by the registrant.

In the absence of these documents, the participation certificate will not be released by the system until the regularization of the pending (presentation of the document or adequacy of the registration fee)

If you have lost your payment slip (Brazilians only) or it has expired, simply access the PARTICIPANT'S AREA to issue a new one.

Click here to access the PARTICIPANT’S AREA

Attention: after the deadlines shown in the schedule of costs, the system will automatically update the value of your registration and a second slip will be issued with the new value.

If you have difficulties, write to duvidas@campinas2019.com.br describing the problem and we will assist you wherever possible.

It is possible to replace subscribers up to fifteen days prior to the event. It is necessary to send a written authorization from the person who had registered before to the email: duvidas@campinas2019.com.br.

It is possible to cancel the registration if requested in writing, using the form below, exclusively by the participant himself under the following conditions:

Download the reimbursement request form click here (link para download do formulário de reembolso versão inglês).




Payment in Duplicity1

Up to May 24, 2019

100% of the total amount paid

Health Reason2

Up to May 24, 2019

75% of the total amount paid

No justification3

Up to April 29, 2019

50% of the total amount paid

  1. Payment in Duplicity: send the reimbursement request form + copies of the proof of payment in duplicate.
  2. Health Reason: send the reimbursement request form + copy of proof of payment + copy of medical certificate
  3. No justification: send reimbursement request form + copy of proof of payment

* reimbursement: only in local currency and via a national bank

Note: Participants who had already paid the registration and afterwards receive any kind of courtesy (for any reason) it will be applied the “no justification” reimbursement rule (reimbursement of 50% of the total amount paid, only)

In case of cancellation or reimbursement (for any reason) your registration will not be excluded from the system, therefore it will not be possible to re-enroll

You will be able to print your certificates through the PARTICIPANT’S AREA after the end of the Event. Each participant will receive the certificate related to the enrolment category selected at the time of registration.

The certificates of participation in the main event and Courses will be issued electronically up to 14 days after the end of the event, only to participants who have proved their presence.

Registration within a discount policy that has not uploaded the proven documents will have the certificates withheld until the regularization of the pendency (presentation of the documents or adequacy of the registration fee).

The issue of certificates will remain available for up to 6 months after the end of the event. Certificates not printed after this period will be disregarded.  It is not possible to issue certificates of past editions of any of the events that make up CAMPINAS 20019


After selection by the Judging Committee, papers will be selected for ORAL PRESENTATION, VIDEO PRESENTATION or e-POSTER.

There will be the selection of the best scientific papers for a new special presentation (on Saturday, June 01, 2019) where a prize (in cash) will be awarded to the best ones.

Yes, only registered and confirmed (paid subscription) participants can submit paper for evaluation.

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After your registration is confirmed, access the PARTICIPANT’S AREA (with your email  and password) and select the option to submit paper, following the online instructions.

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