Horários das Apresentações

1º lugar: Medidas Implementadas para controle de infecção relacionada à assistência em saúde em uma enfermaria de gastroclínica e gastrocirurgia de um hospital público
Josenei de Oliveira Teixeira, Renata Bigatti Bellizzotti Pavan, Maura Antônio Correia Dias Volpi, Edson Fernando Fuim, Samantha Perissotto, Aline Recco Luca Domingues, Marcos Henrique de Vasconcelos, Eliane Molina Psaltikidis

2º lugar: Dissecção Endoscópica da Submucosa no carcinoma espinocelular precoce de esôfago - A História prévia de neoplasia de cabeça e pescoço  - A História prévia de neoplasia de cabeça e pescoço afeta os resultados?
Renata Nobre Moura, Vitor Nunes Arantes, Tarso Magno Leite Ribeiro,  Roberto Gardone Guimarães, Marco Aurelio Vamondes Kulcsar, Rubens Antonio Aissar Sallum, Ulysses Ribeiro Jr, Fauze Maluf-Filho

3º lugar: Avaliação de curso de suporte básico de vida para leigos ministrado por alunos de graduação em medicina.
Andressa Christine Ferreira Silva, Alcir Escocia Dorigatti, Thiago Rodrigues Araújo Calderan, Elcio Shiyoiti Hirano, Gustavo Pereira Fraga


Menção Honrosa

The abstract Open Abdomen (OA): Novel Device Prevents Abdominal Wall Retraction and Facilitates Early Abdominal Wall Closure presented by S. Fung, A. Rehders, F. Kröpil, Knoefel WT has received the horny mention among the eight best abstracts in oral presentation.


  1. The deadline for online abstracts submission is April 22nd, 2019 at 6:00 PM (GMT - 2:00 p.m.)
  2. At least one abstract author must be registered at the event.
  3. Presenting Author Name must be identical the Event Registration Form and can be defined up to May 03th, 2019. Changes will not be allowed after this date. It is not permitted to add authors after this deadline.
  4. Abstracts should be submitted exclusively through the event's website (www.campinas2019.com.br - access PARTICIPANT'S AREA and log in with your registered e-mail and password) by following the instructions online. Registration by fax, mail or e-mail will not be accepted.
  5. Each abstract can be used for just one (01) presentation.
  6. Confirmation of acceptance by the Scientific Committee will be sent to the author who registered the abstract, and will be available at www.campinas2019.com.br on the beginning of April 2019.
  7. In order to avoid interruption on the presentation sessions due to no-shows, accepted abstracts will only be integrated into the Final Program if the registration in the event (with respective vouchers) and payment of the Presenting Author are received until May 03th, 2019.
  8. Each abstract should relate to one of the categories / sub-areas in the electronic form on the Internet (see table below). Case Reports will be accepted as E-Poster.




(in English)

Damage Control Resuscitation

The Abdominal Compartment


Digestive Endoscopy (in English and Spanish)



Digestive Endoscopy

Gastrointestinal Surgery

Emergency Surgery

Trauma Surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Robotic Surgery

Obesity, Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

Nutrition (Gastro and Trauma)

Nursing (Gastro and Trauma)

Pediatrics (Gastro and Trauma)

Interventional Radiology and Imaging



  1. A maximum of 8 (eight) authors per abstract will be authorized on the online form.
  2. The first author can submit a maximum of 6 (six) abstracts.
  3. The abstract title is limited to 250 characters.
  4. The abstract text size is limited to 2,800 characters (including blanks).
  5.  The abstract Text should be structured as follows:
    1. The Oral Presentations: TITLE - INTRODUCTION - OBJECTIVES - MATERIALS AND METHODS - RESULTS - CONCLUSION - BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCE. Do not include literature reviews in INTRODUCTION or DISCUSSION. Avoid abbreviations in the abstract.
    2. Case Reports / Clinical Cases: TITLE - INTRODUCTION - CLINICAL CASE /EVOLUTION - DISCUSSION - FINAL COMMENTS - BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCE. Do not include literature reviews in INTRODUCTION or DISCUSSION. Avoid abbreviations in the abstract. Considering that case reports make a significant contribution to the exchange of experience between professionals, the Committee recommends that only reports of common cases with atypical or very rare cases of major relevance be sent.
    3. Videos: TITLE - INTRODUCTION - CLINICAL CASE - ATTACH VIDEO. For presentation form Video, the respective mode must be selected and sent to Youtube and, after this submission, copy (CTRL C) the link from the field "Embed" and paste (CTRL V) in the field available in your restricted area.
      Note: The video must be at least 640x480 pixels in size and should not be longer than 7 (seven) minutes. We will not accept videos with identification of the patients, or the local hospital, clinic etc) in which the procedures occurred. The video should contain the names of the authors and the institution as well as the title of the same in the first scene of the film for no more than 20''. The video can have its own audio.
  6. Bibliographic review and collection of data from public sources, not correlated with subsequent research, will not be accepted.
  7. The Institution or Institutions where the work was done, as well as the names of the authors, should NOT be mentioned in the body of the text.
  8. References, acknowledgments, and financial aid are not required, but if they are included, they should be computed as an abstract text and should be inserted at the end of the abstract.
  9. Results based on statements such as "results will be presented" and or "data will be analyzed" will not be considered. The results should be stated as clearly as possible and conclusions should be based on the data presented.
  10. Case Reports without clear originality and relevance that justify their presentation will not be accepted. Also, only literature review will be rejected.
  11. Trade names are not permitted, only the generic names of the drugs, written in lower case letters.
  12. In submitting the work, the authors assume to obey ethical laws and regulations on research with humans and animals, including the approval of the Research Ethics and Clinical Ethics Committees in Animal Research.
  13. Do not add tables or figures to the abstract. The data should be described in the RESULTS.
  14. The abstract, if chosen for presentation, will be published EXACTLY as submitted, and may be reviewed, at any time, by the submission deadline, or until the author completes the process and click SUBMIT. The Committee may request correction of abstract. Subsequently it will only be accepted for presentation, after the suggested corrections, and within the determined period.
  15. After the abstract was accepted for presentation, changes of the Presenting Author will only be possible until May 10th, 2019.
  16. The date and time of the presentation will be communicated to the author who submitted the abstract by the indicated email, until May 15th 2019.
  17. Address to correspondence - Any communication regarding acceptance will be sent only to the submitting author by the registered email address.
  18. All abstracts become property of the WSES / IG & T / CoLT Congress Organizing Committee. Submission of a Abstract represents the permission to duplicate, publish and disseminate the work, nationally or internationally, without any copyright payment.
  19. The final decision on the type of presentation will be by the Scientific Committee and communicated to the authors. Therefore, the Committee may consider that an abstract may not be eligible for any kind of presentation. The final decision of the Committee is considered irrevocable, non appealable and will not be reviewed.
  20. INTERNATIONAL Category: Abstracts for “Digestive Endoscopy" may alternatively be submitted and presented in Spanish.
  21. NATIONAL Category: Abstracts should be written and presented in Portuguese.
  22. The abstracts refused in the International category will not be evaluated in the National category, as well as the inverse.



  1. Only 1 (one) certificate shall be issued per abstract presented. The certificates will be made following the registered order of the authors in the abstract, on the website. The names will not be changed or modified after the time permitted for editing.
  2. Certificates will be available in the "Participant Area", of the author that submitted the abstract, in the "Certificates" section, within 30 (thirty) days after the end of the event, and will be available for download for 6 (six) months. After this time, the certificate can not be obtained.
  3. The certificate will not be issued if the Presenting Author does not appear at the place and time designated for his presentation.



  1. Travel Grant. The Sociedade Brasileira de Endoscopia (SOBED) will award travel grants to Latin-Americans authors submitting abstracts to “Digestive Endoscopy”. Travel Grants will include a flight ticket, single room hotel stay and registration fee for “Campinas 2019” to the presenting author, one grant per Latin-American country. Flight ticket and hotel stay will be a choice of SOBED, awarded only to the presenting author and will not be subject to changes.
    Awardees will be notified about the Travel Grant once their abstract has been accepted for presentation
  2. The best oral works of each category will be chosen for a new presentation in the final panel (Saturday, June 1st) and will receive a free registration for the future edition of one of the three events (Intergastro & Trauma, SOBED Symposium or SOBRACIL-SP Congress) at the winners’ choice.
  3. Among the works selected above, the three best papers, chosen by a special jury during presentation in the final panel, will be reclassified and awarded as follows:

1st place: (BRL) R$ 2,000.00
2nd place: (BRL) R$ 1.000,00
3rd place: (BRL) R$ 500,00